June 2

The End of Our Adventure

Thursday the 31st and Friday the 1st of May

Today we had our last morning in Suzhou at Fangzhou PS. We saw a performance by students playing a Chinese string instrument – kind of like a guitar and caught up with our Chinese friends for a farewell party. We had Chinese snacks and exchanged gifts. We got some lovely things to bring home.

After lunch we returned to our hotel, grabbed our bags and boarded the bus for a two hour trip to Shanghai. We stayed once again in the Park Hotel, so getting sorted into rooms was pretty easy.

At 5pm, we headed for the Metro and then out to the famous Bund area (riverside). After purchasing tickets, we lined up and boarded the river cruise. This spectacular cruise was a real treat – amazing lights, great company and even some snacks to enjoy on the way. You should see how amazing the Pearl Tower looks after dark! Some boats going up and down the river were all neon – just like so many of the buildings. It looked like Party Central!

After the tour, we headed back to the hotel, buying yummy dumplings and eating them back in our rooms. We had time to pack and get into bed at an earlier time 🙂 – we actually wanted to!

Our last day was spent with clear weather conditions where we could see the sun and most of the buildings around us. All other days were smoggy – some really bad like a thick fog. Once we were organised, we used the metro to travel to the Pearl Tower.

The line up took awhile to enter the tower, as today is Children’s Day and a holiday…therefore lots more people were visiting the tower. At the observation deck, you could stand on glass and look at the drop down below. It was freaky – We all did it..we almost all of us 😉 The views from the top were spectacular and with the clear day, we could see a great distance.

We had another visit to the Science and Technology markets to get last minute bargains…then back to the hotel to load bags and leave. We took the Metro to the Maglev Bullet Train…where we travelled at 432km/ph to reach Pudong (Shanghai Airport).

It was hectic from the minute we walked into the airport – check bags, go through customs, grab early dinner and board plane. We all got on thankfully and will be safely home by the time you read this.

It was an amazing trip. We all enjoyed it…and can certainly appreciate our home in Australia too. A big congratulations to Abi, Lachie, Ciana and Charli for being so brave and taking the plunge to travel to China.