May 24

Day 2: Beijing and the Forbidden City

After some pretty ordinary food on the plane and not a lot of sleep, we touched down in Beijing at 5:50am. It was hot and humid – a bit of a shock considering what we left. Once we got through customs, we got on a bus to the hotel in Beijing. We had a buffet breakfast before boarding the bus and heading for the Forbidden city.

At the Forbidden City we enjoyed all of the ancient architecture and took lots of photos. We had to find what shade we could to get out of the sun also. The Forbidden City had many structures and beautiful examples of Chinese gardens, statues, art and architecture. We lost Ciana for a short while – don’t stress…she was only one section behind us and Matt was trying to find her!

From the Forbidden City we were taken out to a restaurant for lunch. We sampled Chinese cuisine – green beans, shitake mushrooms, tofu, prawns, rice, snow peas, pork and much more.

After lunch we went to the Hutong – a maze of streets in old Beijing where we had a rickshaw ride and enjoying greeting the locals. Whilst there we also went into one of the small houses and learnt the art of paper cutting.

Back at our hotel we checked in, showered and went out for dinner – more yummy Chinese food including very spicy chicken. After dinner we did some shopping at the Silk Mall – the 4 students all had a go at bartering and Matt may have paid too much for a jacket.

Everyone’s happy and having a great time – but tired and tucked up in bed! It’s been some time since we slept in a bed – last night was sitting up in a plane.