The Count Down for our group of Travellers has begun!
April 17

Team China 2018: The Adventure Begins

Countdown for our 2018 Team China travellers has begun!

Imagine living overseas for 10 days!

During their visit to China in May, four of our senior students will have the opportunity to be placed with a host family for 1 or 2 nights and attend a local school in Suzhou. During the trip they are able to live like a local eating amazing local dishes while becoming immersed in the culture that surrounds them. They will visit the Great Wall, experience the hustle and bustle in Shanghai and do some bargaining at markets. The trip will also enable them to extend their Chinese language learning and gain valuable international experience.

They will also learn a lot about themselves!


Link on the link to the right, to see the article published in the Bendigo Advertiser Friday 10th of May



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8 thoughts on “Team China 2018: The Adventure Begins

  1. Gryffin

    Charlie, is the food over there better or worse than you remember it? Also, everyone else, how’s the food? 👨🏼‍🍳👩🏼‍🍳😋

  2. Ben

    Hope you guys are all safe now but how did you manage to lose Ciana? Also Abi, Charli and Ciana don’t forget the drill at the Great Wall of China, hope you all stay safe.

  3. Xcavier

    Hello 🤚question 1.have you been in a China 🇨🇳 restaurant and is the food yum 😋??
    Question 2. How hot is it in China 🇨🇳?
    This is not a question but what kind of animals have you seen???


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